Thursday, August 26, 2010

Visiting Drug Rehab Is The Most Effective Way To Overcome Addiction

When someone has problem with drug, then he must have the solution right away. One of the best solution to overcome the drug addiction is by visiting drug rehab. Drug rehab is one of the most effective way to overcome one’s drug addiction. It must be remembered that person who has drug addiction problem to visit drug rehab as early as possible. It is because if that person who has addiction problem visit drug rehab as early as possible then, the bigger the chance is to cure the addiction.

Though there are many ways which can be used to overcome the addiction problem, the most effective way is still by visiting drug rehab. Therefore, visiting a drug rehab is a ‘must’ when one has problem with addiction. In drug rehab, that person will get the treatment from the expert who knows their field already. That’s why you will have nothing to worry any longer if you send that person to have the treatment in drug rehab.

In addition, the treatment in drug rehab is very much safe for that person. Therefore, you mustn’t have any complain about the treatment. Drug rehab also provides the best circumstances for the patients. This situation is very helpful in helping the patients to be cured sooner. Well, don’t you think it’s the best place to cure drug addiction, then?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Rise and Fall of a Drug Addict – Part 4

What a mess I have gotten myself into, 25 years old, and hooked on crack. After I left my parents house five years ago, I went to stay with some guys I use to work with. Unfortunately, these guys did more drugs then I was doing in any given day. Of course as time went on and I was going from job to job, and not really doing anything with my life, it was just easy for me to take my drug use up to another level. I don’t even know how I got hooked on this stuff in the first place. I was getting high at some guys house with some other people I know, and one these guys passed me a pipe, and said this will definitely make you feel better. The high was like nothing I ever experienced before; it gave me this intense feeling, almost like total bliss. I remember the high not lasting very long, but my mind was screaming at me for more.

Drug addict suffering.

Drug addict suffering.

It went on like this for some time, throughout my mid twenties I became very unreliable as an employee, and could barely hold down a job. My parents were catching on to everything; yet, I don’t think they knew I was hooked on crack. I never imagined I would end up like this, I always thought things were under control. Right now I am working as a bartender at a local bar, it seems to support my habit, and I work at night. I don’t sleep much; I seem to be spending most of my day getting high. I live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, its cheap and in a bad area, but I am left alone. I haven’t talked to my parents in months, and they have not tried to contact me. Some days I wish this never happened to me, and other days I can’t go on unless I am getting high. I remember one day specifically, it was actually one week before my 26th birthday and when I got into work, I was given a message that my parents had called. Being that I did not own a phone, or any real means of keeping in contact with anyone, the bar was the only place anyone could reach me at. My parents found out I was working there through one of my old high school friends who came in one night. Anyways, the message said for me to call them, it was about my birthday. Part of me was very suspicious about why I was getting a call now, but another part of me was relieved I got the phone call. I would call them the next day after work.

I got to a pay phone outside my apartment and called my folks, my mom answered the phone. She was inviting me over for dinner to celebrate my birthday; she said it was going to be just the three of us there. I didn’t really hesitate, I said yes, and she told me what time to be there and offered to pick me up. I told her I would just have a friend drop me off; I did not want my parents to see where I lived. I made it to my parent’s house, and saw my mother standing outside waiting for me. She smiled and seemed happy to see me, and I did everything I could to hide my drug use; yet, I think she still knew. She brought me inside and walked me to the living room, and I saw my father, my brother, and one of my high school friends all sitting in the room. This strange guy came up to me and introduced himself as a intervention counsellor. I did not know what to think, I wasn’t high, so I knew this wasn’t a dream. He sat me down, and him and my family all started intervening. Of course, I denied everything, and blamed them for everything, got angry, threatened suicide, anything I could think of to get them to back off. The thought never crossed my mind to just take off and run, I guess because I was sober, there was a part of me that wanted to hear this. But, I was not convinced; they said they had a treatment centre picked out for me, and everything was going to be ok, they loved me and did not want to see me like this.

Long and short of it; I walked out. My parents gave me a bottom line and told me never to contact them unless I wanted help, and that they could not support me. My dad, just as he did five years ago, gave me a number to the treatment centre, and said nothing. I got back into my regular routine, but my drug use picked up to the point I was missing work again. Eventually I got fired, and I had no money saved.

Drug Addiction: Mental And Physical Signs

If you suspect a family member, friend, or loved one is abusing or addicted to drugs, there are specific signs and behaviors you might see them acting out. The signs of drug addiction vary considerably depending on the substance; this article will present an overall view of addictive behaviors as they relate to a personal mental and emotional state and their physical behavior. You will quickly learn what sort of signs to watch out for by reading this article.

When someone is dealing with an addicted substance, the body will suffer for it. This means there will be physical signs evident of this addiction. Some physical reactions you may observe related to drug-induced behavior include a huge increase in energy, often manifested by fast movements, talking, and insomnia. Conversely, a person may suffer from an abnormal reaction time, slow, slurred speech, masked in confusion and a disoriented state of mind. Another physical reaction from the use of certain drugs is a sudden change in weight, usually losing weight more so than gaining it.

For smoked substances, a nagging cough may be present. Users of substances injected with a needle might have a predisposition for wearing long sleeve shirts to hide track marks, wearing such items even when the weather is not appropriate for it. Speed can cause severe dental issues to develop over time. Another physical sign would be the actual presence of drug paraphernalia and related items, such as pipes, foil, lighters, rolling papers, and so on.

Drug abuse has no less effect on the mind than it does the body. Abusing drugs tends to lead to rapid changes in emotions and behavior and ones mental mindset. If someone changes inexplicably, has rapid mood changes, suffers from anxiety or paranoid delusions, it is possible drugs could be the cause of these changes. Note that under the influence of drugs a person can experience psychotic states of mind and behavior. These behaviors usually only last for the duration of the drugs effect on the body.

The signs and symptoms discussed in this article are of serious consequence. Observe the suspected users behavior and see if there are any similarities. Careful consideration must be given towards how to deal with the situation if there are signs of drug abuse, and this is more suitable to another article than to discuss here. Keep in mind that drug addiction may mandate the use of rehab and life long support groups to remain sober.